Using the map

     To make it easier to see where the tours go, we create a map for each walk. To view the maps you have to go into our program. In the program, each walk is described by a list of places that the walk goes through. This list is a link to a map (Google Maps), and opens in a new tab.

     Each location is marked on this map with an icon. The start and stop of the tour are marked with a picture of a bus. The places we pass are usually marked with two pedestrians. Sometimes a place may be marked with a camera if it is a view point, or a well known place. It may also be labeled with a picture of food, if we're going to have lunch at one of the named places. One can click on the icons (bus, pedestrians, camera, food) for more information. Information for bus icons will be the name of the place, and whether it is the starting or ending point of the tour. The other icons contain the name of the place.

     The map also has some icons for weather reports, showing the sun partially covered by a cloud. One can use these to get weather reports from Norwegian The page comes up in Norwegian, but one can switch to English language using the flag symbol in upper right hand corner of the page. creates forecasts for more than 300 locations on Gran Canaria. The places closest to where we will go have been added to the map. Click on the icon, and a small window with a link to the weather forecast pops up. Click on this link, and a new tab opens with the forecasts for that current location. If you want to check the weather forecast for elsewhere, then this map shows all places on Gran Canaria that have a weather forecast made by

     You may use [+] and [-] on the vertical line at the top left of the map to zoom in (more details) or out (see larger section) of the map. Click [+] to zoom in, or [-] to zoom out. If you have a wheel-mouse, then you can use this wheel to zoom in / out.

     You can drag the map around on the screen by clicking anywhere in the map, hold the mouse button down and drag the map in the direction you want to move it.

Close Google Maps tab in the Browser Window to exit the map and return to our program.