Who are we?

     In the early 90s there were in Mogán municipality a small group of trekkers who went every Sunday throughout the year in the magnificent mountains and exciting valleys of Gran Canaria. The guides were people who from childhood were familiar with the area and accustomed to move on foot in this area, and the participants were mature women and men from nearly all Europe.

     In September 1992, 10 - 15 of the participants decided to form a sports club which eventually got the name Grupo Montañero de Mogán. The club got more and more members, and began to bring tourists who wanted to see more of this beautiful island. The club is, and has always been, a non-profit enterprise and the cost of transport etc., is divided between the participants.

     The number of members is now more than 100, and in addition there are many who do not take membership, but participates a few times each year. 65% of the participants are Norwegians, 10% are Danish and Swedish, Germans account for 10%, Spaniards 9% and the remaining is divided among Swiss, English, French etc.

Who are we?

Board members 2017: Svein, Aud, Arild y Kjell

PresidentKjell Stræte
Vice presidentSvein Hauger
CashierArild Horrstad
SecretaryAud Dyrdal

Grupo Montañero de Mogan Abril 1999

Grupo Montañero de Mogan (Abril 1999)