Have a look at our great photo gallery!

     Several members of the club take pictures from walks and make them available to everyone on this link.

     This link takes you directly to our photo gallery with subfolders from each of the most recent tours and excursions.  Bookmark the page so it's easy to get back to it later.

     You can download photos you like from each gallery, print them or save them among your own photos.  Picasa is very handy for this purpose.

     If you have photos you would like to share with us, you can send them as e-mail to grupomogan@gmail.com (FOR PHOTOS ONLY).  They will then be assessed and filed in their respective folders by someone responsible for our photos.  Please do not send other photos than those that might be of interest to the members, and preferably not more than 5 to 10 images at a time.  We will most likely receive several images with the same motive.  Then we use only the best in the album.

     When submitting photos, it means you are ready to share those photos with anyone who has access to the album through the club's website.

     The folders will be present in the album max. 3 - 4 months, after which they are deleted.  We hope you will enjoy this service.